Hi there! Mama here.

So our first big order came in, and Papa & Mama (mostly Papa) helped the delivery man carry in all the goods from the truck. Fifty pounds of flour at a time is no joke! We're not complaining, though...you want to know why?

BECAUSE WE GOT IN AT THE MARKET! WOO HOO! (If you're wondering why this is a big deal, scroll back two entries and you'll see that we weren't entirely sure whether this would become a reality.) We're celebrating by making a big batch of goodies to share with friends. ;)

We talked to the Market Manager earlier this week, and she said we're a go, which means we'll be setting up shop there every Wednesday starting June 6th, from 4-8pm. It's the first year they're trying Wednesday evenings (for food vendors only), so we're just as new at it as they are. We're so excited we can barely contain ourselves (in case you couldn't tell)!

Until next time,

Sweet Home à la Mama


05/13/2012 3:18pm

Yay! Can't wait to see you at the market!! & buy some granola! =)


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