PictureLittle Boy Blond, "hiding" in my fabric bin!
Hi there! Mama here. 

Well, it's the last day of January so I suppose a "Happy New Year!" is in order. Are you ready?

Happy New Year!

Things are just rolling along over here at the Sweet Home kitchen. Since December 31st, we:
-had a NYE party
-organized the crud out of our closets and storage areas
-made a lot of food
-had a lot of company
-watched my baby bump grow bigger and bigger! 

Our plans for 2013 include:
-welcoming baby#2 and adjusting to being a family of four
-blogging more often (maybe twice a month?)
-sewing more (as you can see in the photo above, Little Boy Blond thinks my fabric bin is great fun!)

2012 was a loooong year and we had a lot of adventures, what with bringing our baking business dreams to reality and all. ;) But in truth it was also extremely stressful, and in many ways we kind of dove right in before thinking about where the path would lead. As in: "We need to make how many batches of biscotti this week?!"

I'm really glad we went through all we did to start Sweet Home à la Mama because now the most tedious and confusing parts of starting up are behind us, and we have time to rest a bit and catch our breath before deciding whether to go back to the market again this year. It will mostly depend on how I'm feeling post-baby and whether I can reasonably haul the goods to market with 2 kiddos in tow. If not, we'll just stick to our home sales for a while until we're good and ready to hit the market! :)

So that's where we're at. Over the next few months I may not be updating much with the new baby coming soon, but be sure to check back this summer and see what we're up to!


What things have you done so far to start the new year right?