Hi there! Mama here.
Can you say YUM?

Now y'all know I love to make things from scratch, but there are just some things I haven't tried because the truth is I'm too afraid the homemade version will so pale in comparison to the original that the whole experience will be a huge downer and make me never want to try to imitate an iconic treat ever again!

But after making homemade goldfish (or "whole wheat cheddar crackers") with a recipe from one of my go-to food blogs, I started gaining steam and decided this week to try the holy grail of store-bought American cookies:
Yeah, I'm talking about Oreos. 

Don't you just love 'em? I know I do, thoroughly saturated--not just dunked--in a glass of cold milk... but I don't so much love some of the ingredients in the store-bought variety.

So this week I tried a recipe for homemade Oreos and sent a batch to work with my husband to share. Later he told me that after trying one himself, he almost pulled a Gollum and kept them in his bag so he wouldn't have to share! They disappeared almost immediately after he set them out at the office, and one coworker said they were even better than the real thing. Probably just well-intentioned flattery, but it made me happy nonetheless.

Are you ready to blow everyone's made-from-scratch mind? Here goes...

Hi there! Mama here.
Well, my new year's goal of blogging twice a month hasn't quite panned out, but hey--I still have six months left this year to do it, right? ;) Plus, I've got some really good excuses (aka "news")...
#1: Our second son was born in March--welcome to the world, Sammy!
#2: My little brother married his beautiful lady love! How does that apply to me? Well...