Hi there! Mama here.
Well, my new year's goal of blogging twice a month hasn't quite panned out, but hey--I still have six months left this year to do it, right? ;) Plus, I've got some really good excuses (aka "news")...
#1: Our second son was born in March--welcome to the world, Sammy!
#2: My little brother married his beautiful lady love! How does that apply to me? Well...
It was a steampunk/Nintendo-themed wedding, and out of pure awesomeness, they asked me to design the favors (the sucker stick tags above), the boutonnieres for the groomsmen (the felt 1-up mushrooms below), and bridal party gifts of my all-natural granola and biscotti. I had a blast doing it!
It even inspired me to start making some pretty new things for our home...like this Fourth of July monogram wreath with felt flowers to hang over the front door! I especially love the flowers under the flag and on the B because they look like little fireworks.
Crafting is so much fun! Which leads me to #3... I've added handmade home decor and accessories to my Sweet Home repertoire! Now don't worry--I'll still be blogging here about yummy new recipes (like these absolutely amazing homemade Oreos) and bringing sweet treats to the farmers market, but my focus is changing to encompass more than just food as to what makes a home sweet home.

Below are a couple of teasers, and by the end of next month I'll have my first "batch" all set and ready to go in my Etsy shop.
Excited? I know I am. 

Be sure to check back soon for updates and pictures of what we've got in store. Nice pun, huh? ;) I can't wait to share it with you!

♡ Mama


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