Hi there! Mama here.

Phew! Who knew it was so much work to get a business going?

To prepare for the Grand Blanc Farmer's Market in just about a month from now, we here at Sweet Home realized we'd need more than a shelf and a few hundred bags for our goodies... A tent to protect our stand from hot sun and heavy rain? A folding table that will fit in the station wagon? A real cash register? We never even thought of those things! So we've been scouring craigslist, watching dumpsters, and thinking of ways to repurpose things we already own in order to meet the needs of this growing little business of ours. We were recently blessed with some extra funds--hooray!--so we haven't had to take out a loan, which was one of our goals from the start.

On that note, today we scored a used cash register for $50 on craigslist--a great deal!--which is a must if we're going to be at the market. The more efficiently we can complete our sales, the better we can serve our customers. Selling to one or two people from home with a receipt book and a sales log is no big deal, but when we're talking about multiple sales in a short amount of time, that cash register will come in mighty handy.

Also, we didn't read the fine print and just found out our next bulk food order won't be delivered until the week before the market begins, so it looks like we'll keep getting our goods from the grocery store until then. Ah, well--another valuable lesson learned. ;)

Until next time,

Sweet Home à la Mama


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