Hi there! Mama here.
Well, my new year's goal of blogging twice a month hasn't quite panned out, but hey--I still have six months left this year to do it, right? ;) Plus, I've got some really good excuses (aka "news")...
#1: Our second son was born in March--welcome to the world, Sammy!
#2: My little brother married his beautiful lady love! How does that apply to me? Well...

Hi there! Papa here. 

The title implies Farmers Market is a big produce-laden brawl or something, but it's really about as peaceful as you can get on a Wednesday evening--I just say "Round 2" because it sounds exciting!

Last Wednesday I left for work, leaving Mama and Baby at the homestead, not knowing what I would find in downtown Grand Blanc when I got off work (I had seen the demo stand set up temporarily in our living room with the assorted decorations, but it's not quite the same as the real thing). When I got to the market, it was so fun to see my wife and son in their aprons, busying themselves around the supplies. When I saw the "Sweet Home à la Mama" banner and the cash register all set up, I couldn't believe it all really materialized.

Tomorrow will be a busy day for both Mama and me. At 6AM, I'm going running with a friend of mine who wants to get in shape and needs some motivation. I also realized I need to start running again when I got winded the other day going up a flight of stairs! After that, it's a full day of work, and then off to the market to help wrangle Baby--erm, I mean, sell granola.

What will tomorrow hold? Will it rain? Will it be windy? Will it just be a sunny day? Will there be enough Biscotti after people see this appetizing picture?!

Until next time,

Sweet Home à la Mama