Hi there! Mama here.
So you know those things you always think would be so great and fun to do (pilates for pregnancy, hip hop moves, guided meditation) that you go out and buy an instructional video? For me, it was learning to dance with my husband for our wedding. We bought Drew's Famous Step By Step Wedding Dances while we were still engaged, intending to learn all six dances and impress everyone at our reception. As the months went on, however, we decided on an outdoor picnic wedding and ended up foregoing dancing in favor of volleyball and horseshoes (which, sadly, didn't pan out because it rained that day) and naturally, the dancing DVD was shoved aside and forgotten.

It's not like we never tried again--we attended a free swing dancing group on campus during our last semester in college. We tried really hard, but for some reason what we were doing just didn't look like what the teachers were doing and it was hard to keep up. We tried to practice what we'd learned later on at home, but without much success, and so with great sadness I hung up my proverbial dancing shoes and vowed never to swing dance again.

Fast forward to last month as I was making my "30 Goals in 30 Weeks" list: I thought about how my husband and I have been together over seven years and still haven't learned a single dance together. I thought about how cool it would be if we could actually do it, but then I remembered how frustrated I'd been when I couldn't keep up with the teachers in that class we took and I almost put the idea out of my mind, but then I remembered the wedding dance DVD! For nearly seven years, it's been packed in a box, unopened and forgotten...until now! Click "Read More" below to find out what happened!