Hi there! Mama here.

So things are busy as usual here at Sweet Home à la Mama. Baby is more mobile than ever, and loves to hang out in the kitchen while Mama and Papa make the goods (usually with his own little pot and pan collection to play with). He's taken an extreme liking to our NEW mini muffins and even asks for them at snack time. You know, he's really more of a toddler now than a baby...maybe we should refer to him here as Little Boy? In any case, you know who I'm talking about...the little guy with sandy hair that runs around the market collecting pebbles and playing with sticks!

Speaking of those muffins... Are you looking for a healthy snack or a fresh addition to your usual breakfast?  Well we've got some exciting news for y'all...there's a new product fresh from the Sweet Home Kitchen that's just waiting to be devoured! It's Mama's FAB (Flax Apple Bran) Mini Muffins, made with the obvious title ingredients along with dried fruits, nuts, and even shredded carrots. These muffins won't only satisfy your taste buds, but they'll help keep you regular, too! They were a big hit at the market last week, so make sure to come early if you want to get some. Contact us to find out more, or stop by the Grand Blanc Farmers Market and pick up a bag!

Anyway, we hope you're having a great week and that you'll drop in at the market some time to say hi, or even leave a comment below!

Until next time,

Sweet Home à la Mama