Hi there! Mama here.

Well, there's a slight wrench in the works, but not too bad--we may have trouble getting into the Grand Blanc Farmers Market this year. We talked to the Market Manager today, and she said that since there's a vendor who sells granola already, we may be limited in the days/times we can participate. We're doing business from home either way, but we sure hope to make the cut--especially since selling at GBFM is our first major business goal (after launching this site, of course)!

In any case, things are looking good. We've gotten a lot of positive feedback, we're getting a handle on the business end of things, and it seems like people are excited for us to expand. Here's hoping we get into the Market... Keep your fingers crossed for us, all you Sweet Homies out there!

*Update: We got in! We'll be there on Wednesdays and we couldn't be happier! See you at the Market!

Until next time,

Sweet Home à la Mama


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