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Okay, so it turns out I've got a new obsession...well, it's not so much the obsession itself (good home cooking) that's new as it is the most recent inspiration--it's sort of like adding fuel to a well-stoked fire. You all know by now that I love to cook, but if I find a new means by which to do so or a particularly talented chef from whom to amass a broader collection of oh-so-mouth-watering recipes, well, expect nothing else from the kitchen that week but an onslaught of drool-worthy goodies! (Okay, so maybe Baby is the only one actually drooling...)

In any case, I headed over to smittenkitchen.com after a Google search for homemade Goldfish crackers, and boy, oh, boy did I hit the jackpot! It's run by Deb Perelman, a home cook who believes that cooking should be pleasant and simple. This website has some of the most delectable-looking homemade goodies I've found anywhere on the web (and trust me, that's saying A LOT), and I'm all but ready to chain myself to the kitchen counter until I've tried every last appetizing one.

Last night I tried the Smitten Kitchen recipe for whole wheat goldfish crackers and had incredible results. Not only are they the perfect size for Baby's nimble fingers (or Mama's, or Papa's, for that matter!), but the whole wheat flour gives them this hearty texture that tastes just like homemade should.

The only changes I made to Deb's recipe were out of sheer convenience. I couldn’t wait until our next shopping trip to make these babies with the recommended "loud" orange block of cheddar, so I used our leftover shredded Mexican blend from tortillas the night before and BAM! Delish.

Also, since we didn’t have any cookie cutters that small (and since I ran out of patience after hand-carving just two of the fishy shapes with a paring knife), I used a good old-fashioned apple corer to make sun-shaped crackers instead. The finishing touch was a few pokes with a 3-tined wooden fork to make air holes in each cracker, and voilà! About a hundred tasty little crackers as cute as buttons that everybody seems to love. They turned out great and I'm thinking that next I'll try a parm-and herb version...since it seems likely I'll be making these buggers weekly from here on out. ;)

Since I'm now super pumped to try as many Smitten Kitchen recipes as possible, I'm planning to pre-order Deb's cookbook, due out at the end of October. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Deb Perelman, for sharing your recipes, pictures, and talents online and now in print!

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Sweet Home à la Mama

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