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Hi there! Mama here.

Farmers Market Week 2 is a wrap and 3 is on the way, and once again I'm wondering how in the world things all manage to come together. It seems like the first three days of the week are a whirlwind of label-making, baking, and bag-filling, then Market Day rolls around and it's calm and laid back for a few hours while we're there...then it's back home to put Baby to bed, unload the car, and pass out!

I was sharing a laugh at our Sweet Home booth with my new friend Timmery from R&C's Homemade Goodness (we met at the market for the first time two weeks ago) as we talked about getting all geared up for business during our kids' daily naps. We know we've got a deadline, and it makes that limited time seem very valuable! It looks like our stands will be together every week, so I'm looking forward to seeing her and her husband Bill (and their yummy Nutella no-bakes) as we work at the market together this summer.

In any case, the weather was perfect, there was a great customer turnout, and business was booming, so all in all we had another great day at the market. But now to reflect on the past two weeks and how things have been going here in the Sweet Homestead.

For starters, I tried an alternate version of our Cherry Almond Biscotti...and had less-than-thrilling results. Don't get me wrong, it was still good, but it tasted more like a cookie than biscotti and by and large everyone who gave me feedback preferred the original version. I guess that old adage is true: If it ain't broke, don't fix it! Next week we'll happily return to the original version. You'll forgive me, won't you? "Well, we'll try harder, OK? Just give us a second chance. Just don't go and cancel us without giving us a second chance!" -Garth Algar, Wayne's World

On a better note, we made an Excel spreadsheet (or at least Ubuntu's version of one) with all of our expenses and earnings to date, with a big red indicator that shows how far we have to go before we actually start making a profit. As the number we need to reach gets closer and closer, we're motivated to keep moving and work harder to get there. The spreadsheet is a great visual of our progress, and I totally recommend it to anyone trying to reach a monetary goal.

As far as the next few weeks, we're looking at having some business cards made up because people are asking about our website...and as much as I love writing, it would be so much easier to hand over a card than grope around in purses and pockets in search of a pen and paper. Some people were able to visit the site from their phones right there at our booth though, which was great!

If you're becoming a regular here at our blog, be sure to check our home page often because that's where we advertise our specials. For example, in honor of Father's Day (here's looking at you, Papa!), dads got 10% off their total purchase when they mentioned our site. BUT if you're a dad and you're just now seeing our site for the first time, don't worry--mention it at the market this week and we'll still take care of you. ;)

Which reminds me... If you've seen us at the market or tried our goodies, why not let us know what you think? Go to our contact page and send in a picture or testimonial of how you've used our products, and YOU could be featured on our website! Wouldn't that be sweet?

Until next time,

Sweet Home à la Mama


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