Hi there! Mama here.

The day has finally come for Papa and Mama to register Sweet Home à la Mama at the Genessee County Clerk's Office! We love our business name and we want to hold on to it, so registration is the first step in ensuring that when you see "Sweet Home à la Mama" on a package, you know you're getting the same high-quality stuff you've come to know and love...and not some knock-off! ;)

At first, we weren't even sure what to do with this whole business thing, but then we read through this Guide to Starting and Operating a Small Business from Michigan's online One Stop Business Resource Center to familiarize ourselves with the process (and a million other things about owning a small business!), and that has been really helpful.

Even with as much work as it's been, we are still super excited to be off the ground and running with all of this. One of the coolest things that has happened is that we got some really nice display racks from our local Blockbuster's store-closing sale! Twenty bucks (a shrewd but bonafide offer made by me) got us a bright red display rack (which I may paint teal like everything else in the house...only time will tell), and for a solid dollar each, we got two Lazy Susans for displaying our Granola Mix-Ins. Oh, happy day!

It seems like every day we're learning more and more about this stuff. We're bound to make some mistakes along the way, but right now we're just having fun doing something we love, and that's nothing to shake a stick at!

Until next time,

Sweet Home à la Mama


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